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We believe that sports contribute to a better world and that people who take part in sports will learn essential life skills like leadership, discipline and integrity. Lima Sporting Goods believes that people who take part in sports understand the importance of building healthy relationships and are better citizens of the world.

Lima Sporting Goods' Community Program proudly supports leagues, teams, indoor and all outdoors enthusiasts. We support hundreds of local schools, organizations, golf outings, booster clubs, youth sports,  and outdoor recreation organizations in communities surrounding areas. If you are looking for a sponsorship, please inquire directly with your sales representative. Or feel free to email us with your flier at


Lima Sporting Goods believes in putting money back into the schools that have supported us over the years. We have all school deals including manufacturer opportunities such as Under Armour and Adidas. We also can offer all school deals without a brand manufacturer. Inquire with your sales representative on how you can obtain information on that. 

Lima Sporting Goods also offers fundraising on its online platforms with Order My Gear. If you would like fundraising on your online store, please contact us or your sales representative on correlation of how much your goal would be. There are plenty of opportunities, just share your store frequently and let your customers and fans help you out!  


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